What People Say

Every client attending a RealHealth programme is asked to comment on their experience. What is important to the RealHealth team, and to the client, is how each person feels about their pain condition having completed a RealHealth programme.

We have found, time and again, that every comment and response we get fundamentally differs in some way. The sentiments, however, remain the same.

Barry, 48 years
I thought I would try to express my sincere thanks for all your help and support during the last 3 weeks and indeed prior to coming on the programme. I include of course those who come in and help the programme and those of course who make these courses happen in the background without which of course we would all fail!

I have gained so much and it is no secret I was at my lowest point before attending. You have given me both individually and collectively real focus and enabled me to really understand my condition and what the future looks like beyond the programme. I will not be having any surgery on my back as the strategies you have taught me at least enable me to manage my symptoms and mitigate the pain rather than embark on uncertainty worry and frankly fear. I cannot alter my physical condition or the permanency of it but I can manage it much better and that is with your help.

Thank you so much again for all you have done for me and I am so pleased I had the opportunity to attend the programme and it was a real pleasure to meet true professionals. In addition, the group I was included in was just fabulous.


Katherine, 51 years
I just wanted to say thank you for helping me turn my life around. I now have a new job working 4-days a week. I have been following my new exercise plan and using my return to work plan. I am now feeling stronger and fitter. My life for me and those who are important to me is so much happier and I owe so much to you all.

Martin, 40 years
A heartfelt thank you to all the team for your support, encouragement and motivation. I feel like a new person after just 2 fun filled action packed informative weeks. Keep up the wonderful work and all the best.

Diane, 28 years
A new life, a new and bright future, thank you to you all!

Kerry, 45 years
I have started to write this testimony so many times and stopped, because I just didn't know how to express my feelings in a manner that would give justice. The only relief from constant pain had been hands-on physiotherapy, and if I am being honest, when I heard that this was not included on the course, I felt quite put out and could not image the purpose of the physiotherapists. How wrong was I, and believe me when I say that I hate eating humble pie! By the final day of the course I had gained an unbelievable amount of invaluable knowledge regarding my pain and in addition a real insight into how it had impacted my life and how I dealt with it, or rather didn't. I have had a minimal number of pain flare ups, and when it happens now I know how to deal with it and it no longer has a negative psychological impact on me. Please don't misunderstand me in that my physical conditions have not gone away or the pain totally disappeared, something which the team are very clear on when you attend the course but I can honestly say they have reduced significantly. The team were fantastic and it takes a special set of individuals who are able to offer such unbelievable support, guidance, understanding and tolerance. When I left RealHealth all my family and friends commented that I was like a different person and they could not believe the positive impact of the course. So if I can give you any advice when starting your course it would be the following: DON'T WORRY ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK YOU CAN'T DO, EMBRACE WHAT YOU CAN!